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Have you noticed the condition of your complexion lately? Is it dull and sluggish? Do you have dark spots, pigmentation or even dark circles on the eye area? What causes all these? There are a few factors that cause these skin conditions. One of the most common factors is city stress. City stress means exposure to harmful pollutants from the environment such as cigarette smoke and exhaust smoke from vehicles on the road, dust and also the harmful UV rays. When our skin is exposed to these harmful pollutants and the UV rays, it will stimulate excessive melanin formation, which causes dark and dull skin as well as pigmentation. The skin will also suffer from extreme dehydration, which makes it dry and flaky. These effects can be seen noticeably especially on the surrounding eye area known as the Apple Zone. The Apple Zone is the most delicate skin area on the face and is easily affected because:
  • The eye area has the thinnest skin and less elasticity as compared to the cheek area which is  5 times thicker.
  • It is the least hydrated area as it has no sebaceous glands
  • It contains the most melanocytes, therefore making it more prone to pigmentation especially when exposed to the sun
In view of the increasing skin concerns affecting women today, Laneige has formulated its new essential and intensive whitening program focusing on the  Apple Zone. The White Plus Renew Complex™ Formula There are 3 key ingredients in the White Plus Renew ComplexÔ formula which makes the White Plus Renew effective in restoring clear radiant skin: Manassantin B Menassantin B is found in the root of a plant known as the Chinese Lizard Tail. It has a whitening function that effectively brightens dull skin tone and inhibit excessive melanin formation . y-PGA y-PGA is an Amino Acid found in Japanese fermented food that has various skincare benefits including removing dead skin cells and pigmentation and restores skin elasticity. Himalaya Snow Water The Himalaya Snow Water is enriched with 6 essential ionized minerals that boost hydration absorption into the skin and accelerate the skin’s metabolism.
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I want free sample

2018-02-04 19:54:51

I would like to try this sample

- Pingi
2017-12-08 14:35:39

I would like to request this sample :) Thank you

- joannekinki
2016-11-02 12:39:21

I would like to request this sample. I really want to try this product.

- fazila94
2016-07-22 07:46:19 to get free sample for me to try..

- Ninayusof
2016-05-17 04:33:37

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