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Throw those chemical foot sprays, tubes, and ointments out the window and make way for the one single product to replace them all, the revolutionary BEAUTYFOOT, made in JAPAN! This pair of sock-like garment is an innovative and natural home remedy aimed at treating unsightly foot problems in just one PAINLESS seating, extracting foot odor and leaving you with a sole as smooth as your palms! BEAUTYFOOT is the perfect remedy to help treat hard, dry, rough or callused soles. In 3 easy steps in a single seating –Put the socks on, apply the gel, & wash the gel away.

You will see the difference in the next 5 days as the shedding process removes all dead skin cells from the sole over the next 2 weeks, and is best applied every 3 months to help maintain healthy soles. The secret remedy of this harmless process is Fruit Acid, which is one of the main ingredients in BEAUTYFOOT. It is used as a folk remedy and contains plentiful organic acid that helps penetrate into the layer of dead skin cells. This process decomposes the desmosomes between the healthy layer of skin and the old dead skin layer, enabling easier shedding. In addition, it contains several types of natural extracts with a high moisturizing power. The result is renewed skin.
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i would like to get free sample. Thanks~

- wendyeo
2015-04-29 06:05:13

i wish get free sample...;)

- hasyaimanina
2015-04-29 00:14:27

I want this sample please. Thank You.

2014-12-05 04:36:16

I want this sample please. Thank You.

2014-12-05 04:36:06

Wish to get the sample ... ThankQ...

- catherinayap
2014-12-04 16:20:24

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