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CLEANANCE The specialist’s answer to oily, blemish-prone skin from mild to severe conditions!

Nearly 80% of teenagers have trouble with their skin. And it isn’t only during adolescence that such problems with blemishes, it can happen at any age. In fact, 41% of women between 25 and 35 continue to be plagued with spots, blackheads and other skin imperfections.

To provide you with specific answers to your problem, researchers at the Avène Dermatological Laboratories have developed CLEANANCE skincare range for every type of blemish through products formulated to soothe and provide softness and natural balance to problem skin.

A blemish-prone skin is the result of a combination of several factors:

  1. Excess sebum production, which is dependant on androgen hormones
  2. Hyperkeratinization which prevents the expulsion of sebum and therefore leads to the formation of comedones (blackheads and microcysts)
  3. Colonisation by bacteria, which in the presence of sebum, release inflammation mediators and colonise the sebaceous gland, producing red papules and pustules

3 Complimentary Active Ingredients for Maximum Action

In order to treat blemish-prone skin, the CLEANANCE range is specially formulated with an original trio of active ingredients that work in synergy to rid of shiny skin, eliminate excess sebum, blackheads and reduced localized blemishes, while respecting your skin’s natural sensitivity.

  1. Avène Thermal Spring Water - Soothing and anti-irritant
  2. Cucurbita Pepo - Pumpkin seed extract which reduces sebum secretion
  3. Zinc Gluconate - Its anti-bacterial sebum-regulating properties clear and purify the skin

Use regularly, the cleanance range of products will provide visible result

Available at selected Guardian Pharmacy, Watson’s Personal Care Store, Sasa Cosmetics, Caring Pharmacy, Aeon Wellness Pharmacy and Independent Pharmacies.

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What our members said after using this product . . .

Avene Products never fail to surprise me :)

- qaphsiel
2012-12-03 16:53:19

want these product so much

- vivien0520
2012-07-20 13:56:15

I feel it is a bit dry after applied.

- pastapool
2012-07-19 00:05:44

No more oily skin. love this product sooo much ;)

- yanafazlyana
2012-07-12 00:09:32

nice product

- tracyleong
2012-06-12 20:57:04

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