Beautymate Aomori Green Apple Nano Mask

by Beautymate

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Functions: Mid Citric Acid Enhances Cell Renewal, Hydrates and rejuvenataes skin for smooth, fair texture  Suitable for: all skins types, Especially rough and aging skin.
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Love this mask!!! Smells good and my face become radiance instantly even after single application! The 3D design is perfect as it fits my face quite well.

- tmting
2012-09-23 22:27:04

the result was good and i felt fresh after using the mask.

- syenyen
2012-09-22 19:11:09

good and fresh after using it. highly recommended.

- huelyn
2012-09-17 16:53:44

first when i open the packet, the smell of the mask is very nice and i feel like eating it. the mask is very thick with many cuts at the edges allowing it to fit really well on face regardless of the shape of the face. after applying the mask for 20 minutes, i felt that my face is really hydrated and fresh! also, my skin is very smooth! this is a highly recommended mask that every lady should have!

- wincylim
2012-09-14 00:05:14

it is nice. feel really fresh after using it.

- erinkong
2012-09-13 13:03:41

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