White Perfect Day and Night Spot Corrector

by L'Oreal Paris

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Finally, a spot corrector that works day & night! White Perfect Day and Night Spot Corrector contains a breakthrough ingredient - Melanin Vanishâ„¢, 1 drop 50X more powerful, which helps to inhibit melanin production at the source. At day, the cream conceals and help prevent production of dark spots. At night, the cream intensely treat and reduces dark spots. Dark spots are reduced in 4 weeks!
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What our members said after using this product . . .

the product does do what it says, to lighten dark spots, noticed a slight difference after a week of using. however, the "day" part of the formula does makes tiny bumps appear on my T zone. the "night" part feels better on the skin as it is quite lightweight compared to the "day" part.

- museprincess
2013-12-10 16:16:17

Results can be seen after a few days. My dark spots are reduced slightly within a week.

- cupcake92
2013-10-21 09:03:03

The tube has two ends, the white for day use while the blue is for night use. The dark spots on my face had slightly reduced since two weeks of usage.

- ielane88
2013-10-05 14:44:01

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