Smooth & Silky Conditioner

by Head & Shoulder

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Soften and smoothes frizzy hair as it makes it dandruff free
Added moisturisers help replenish moisture balance from the inside out

Our smooth & silky shampoo acts as moisture-rich pick-me-ups. The rich, indulgent shampoo leaves hair silky smooth, and leaves scalps up to 100% free from dandruff.
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What our members said after using this product . . .

Hai.. i love to try this..glad if u can send me a trial sample.TQ

- nocha2003
2017-07-19 09:05:39

Can I have a free sample for this product? Thank you.

- ellina3
2015-10-19 04:45:19

Can I please have a sample of this? just want to try new conditioner for my hair..tq

- azrin248
2015-09-17 01:31:54

can i get a sample

- Lea eleanor
2014-09-15 05:46:33

me too..wish to try first

- ibuayah
2012-09-22 11:30:13

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